Who Benefits?

There are many groups who benefits from the RFPT program, including:

  •  Public:
    • Enhanced fire safety throughout the community to alert people to danger
  • Building Owner/Managers/Insurance companies:
    • Have confidence in the quality of service to comply with codes and safety standards
  • Fire Departments:
    • Raises the standard of inspection and testing
    • Standardized inspection and testing procedures
    • Provide a method of ensuring that technicians perform to an acceptable standard / Code of Ethics
  • Fire Protection Technicians
    • Professional certification
    • Professional development
    • Introduction to professional ethics
    • Portability of credentials
    • Career opportunities
    • Enhanced personal recognition

Sadly, when a community does not follow fire protection testing and inspecting standards, the public suffers:


Does your BC municipal government support ensuring RFPTs test and inspect your fire protection systems and equipment?  If not, contact them and let them know you want everyone to be safe and to support the RFPT program.

If you have any questions about the RFPT program, contact Karen at fp at atttbc dot org.