The Tag

4.2 Tags and Tagging per the Standard of Practice (SoP):

4.2.2 A new tag bearing the RFPT’s stamp and signature or initial shall be attached to the fire protection system or equipment after it has been inspected and tested. The RFPT shall fasten the tag to the equipment or system with the printed, stamped and signed or initialled surface of the tag facing out for greater visibility particularly for the owner or their authorized agent.

4.3.1 : Tags shall include a perforation at the top for inserting a twist tie or similar device for fastening the tag to the equipment or system. The minimum size of the tag shall be 6.0 X 14.0 cm. The company name, address and telephone number shall be clearly visible at the top of the tag. The graphic design and wording shall be as shown as displayed here. Color scheme should be contrasting (i.e: Black writing/white tag).

4.4.1 :

Upon completeing the inspection and testing of the fire protection equipment or system, the RFPT shall fill in, punch, stamp and sign or initial a new tag indicating one of four conditions as described in Sections 4.5 to 4.8 in the SoP. The RFPT must use a punch to perforate the tag as showing in the examples. The RFPT shall secure the tag to the fire protection equipment or system making sure the front of the tag is clearly visible.

Additional Information:

Fire Protection equipment or systems can be listed in any order on the tag.

You may omit any equipment or system from the list that you do not service

Pre-stamping tags is not permitted