Standard of Practice

Standard of Practice (SoP) 2018

The new RFPT Standard of Practice (SoP) is now available. Immediate release of the new standard is intended to provide RFPTs and fire protection companies time to prepare for full implementation in 2019. Starting January 1, 2019, RFPTs must follow the new SoP when testing and inspecting fire protection equipment and systems.

In February 2019, minor edits, with no substantial changes to the contents, were made to the first version of the May 2018 SoP.

ASTTBC-RFPT-SOP-2019 02 20

TAGS update:

Tags and Labels: As of January 1, 2020 all Registered Fire Protection Technicians (RFPT) must comply with the Standard of Practice (SoP) regarding the format of tags and labels.  The SoP requirement is to punch out the applicable boxes on the tags and labels.

AHJ contact list for the lower mainland – this is a work in progress, so please check here often for updates.

AHJ contact list lower mainland 2019 04 02

***DISCLAIMER: the Verification of Fire Alarm Systems (VI) endorsement is in abeyance until further notice. The SoP references VI but we ASTTBC is not certifying for that endorsement at this time***



Sample tag for Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and Cleaning