Program Overall

Registered Fire Protection Technician Program Overview

Becoming a Registered Fire Protection Technician (RFPT) is an excellent professional choice. It’s in high demand with strong potential earnings with a limited educational investment.

There are 20 jurisdictions in the province of BC that require you to be an RFPT to inspect and test Fire Protection equipment. To do the work you must have a stamp.

For full certification you need the courses and the experience. The most common endorsements are Portable Fire Extinguishers (EX), Unit Emergency Lighting Systems (EM), Fire Alarm Systems (AL) and Water-Based Systems (WA).


If you’re not already employed with a Fire Protection Company, you need to get experience somehow.  People just starting out should begin taking courses (or at least register for them) and then approach employers looking for work. If they know you’re getting the recognized training they’ll see that as an asset and will be more likely to hire you as a trainee. 


Recognized training is all done at BCIT. When you go to their website you can enter “Fire Protection” in the search engine and the program will appear. Courses are designed and taught by people who work in the industry – so they are most often offered at night and on weekends.

The application

When you’ve gathered the minimum experience and education, you’re ready to apply. Be prepared for a fairly in-depth application. You’re becoming a member of a professional association – so we ask a lot of questions! You will need to show us that you’ve met the minimum requirements. You’ll need to fill out a log-book, show proof of education and give us the names and email addresses of a few people you’ve worked with. Don’t worry if you’ve only worked with one person, as long as they have their stamp it’s OK. But we will ask for 3 references in total.

Make sure you have copies of your ID (2 pieces), proof of training with your name on it (no screen shots or photos of transcripts) and a job letter.

Submit the application with payment. We need payment before we can process anything. If your employer is paying for it have them call us.

Processing time: you can expect the whole process to take at least a month or two depending on volumes and the accuracy of your application. Usually what holds applications up are incomplete applications, the wrong email address of a reference or missing documents.

The Fire Protection Certification Board reviews your application and either approves or asks for more information. The Certification Board consists of Fire Protection Technicians, education providers, company owners and local AHJs (Authority Having Jurisdictions).

Ethics Module: Our association has a Code of Ethics and our members must abide by it. When you apply, we will send you a link to a module that you must read and then take an exam. This is part of the initial application process.

Fees involved with getting certified:

Initial application fee: 269.06

Stamp: 115.50

Annual membership dues: 400 dollars per year.

Once you get your first stamp, you may want to add endorsements when you are ready. You must then submit an application to “Add an Endorsement”. The fee for this is 188.32 (you have to buy another stamp too, $115.50)

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