Electrical Basics – learning materials

Trades Access Common Core: Line E: Electrical Fundamentals

When you have completed these Learning Tasks, you should be able describe the following:

  • describe the composition of matter and the structure of the atom
  • describe the principles of electricity and the theory of current fl ow
  • describe basic types of electrical circuits and their characteristics
  • describe electromagnetism
  • describe the components of a circuit
  • identify common electrical components
  • describe solid state devices
  • identify wiring connectors
  • describe the composition of simple wiring diagrams
  • define the terms used and explain the principles of soldering
  • describe the methods for making properly soldered connections
  • maintain soldering equipment
  • use wireless connectors
  • describe the proper handling, use, and storage of electric meters
  • describe the procedures for connecting meters to measure voltage, current, and resistance
  • describe how to use meters to analyze electric circuits


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