BCIT Fall 2016 Course List

FIRE 1050                                                                                        bcit.ca/fire1050                   $675.03

Electrical and Electronics for Fire Protection Inspection                                                                                                

An introductory course in electrical circuits and electronics for those intending to take further courses in fire protection inspection. Topics include electrical safety, parallel and series circuits, AC and DC circuits, understanding schematic diagrams, electrical measurement, and the Canadian Electrical Code. Study will concentrate on requirements of electrical components and measurement as related to inspection of fire protection equipment. This will include power supplies, battery systems and relays. Sensing devices will also be introduced. Previous knowledge of electronics is not required. Theory is reinforced with hands-on practice.


Sep 12 – Nov 07  Mon/Wed                             1845-2145             8 weeks                Burnaby                CRN 37447



FIRE 1075                                                                                        bcit.ca/fire1075                   $344.48

BC FIRE CODE 1                                                                                                                                                     

Emphasizes Parts 2, 6 and 7 of the BC Fire Code Regulation 2012. Provides an overall view of the fire safety requirements in and around buildings as well as the inspection, testing and maintenance requirements for fire protection systems in buildings. Students must bring the BC Fire Code to the first class.


Sep 07 – Oct 12   Wed                       1845-2145                           6 weeks                Burnaby                CRN 37433




FIRE 2077                                                                                        bcit.ca/fire2077                   $499.04


Provides an overview of the inspection and testing requirements for unit equipment for emergency lighting systems. Students will work with various types of batteries, chargers and testers, and perform applicable tests and electronic calculations. Students will require a digital multimeter with clamp-on for measuring DC current to 0.01A. Recommended meter is UEI DL49 – see http://www.ueitest.com. Meter is available at electrical distributors only (e.g. Torbram or Nedco). Prerequisite: FIRE 1050 or general knowledge of basic electricity and basic electronics.


Sep 08 – Oct 13   Thu                        1845 – 2145          6 weeks                Burnaby                CRN 37434



FIRE 2080                                                                                        bcit.ca/fire2080                   $555.55


Provides those who operate, test and inspect these systems with an understanding of components and their operation; procedures for completing commissioning tests; weekly, monthly, yearly and other tests required. Testing of water supplies; interpreting test results, recommending changes for code compliance.

Sep 14 – Nov 30 Wed                       1830 – 2130          12 weeks              Burnaby                CRN 37437



FIRE 2084                                                                                        bcit.ca/fire2084                   $544.20


In this course, students are introduced to the basics of fire alarm systems, their operation, and the correct method to conduct periodic inspections and tests. Completion of inspection reports will be covered, along with applicable Building Code and Fire Code requirements. Prerequisite(s): Fire 1050 or equivalent, or basic knowledge of electricity and electronics.


Oct 08 – Nov 05   Sat                         0830-1630             5 weeks                Burnaby                CRN 37438




For more information on the above courses, please contact Candace Marrington at 604-432-8521 or email Candace_Marrington@bcit.ca.




OCHS 1410                                                                                     bcit.ca/ochs1410                $395.00


This course is designed for those interested in portable fire extinguisher maintenance. Student will learn the BC Fire Code requirements regarding inspection/ test/and recharge procedures. After successfully completing the course, students can apply to ASTTBC (Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC) to receive certification. Certification requires 3 months documented experience. For more information contact Kathy White at 604-432-8456 or Kathy_White@bcit.ca.


Sep 17/18             Sat/Sun                 0800-1630             2 days                                  Burnaby CRN 33000

Oct 29/30              Sat/Sun                 0800-1630             2 days                                  Burnaby CRN 33481



OCHS 4420                                                                                     bcit.ca/ochs4420                $550.51

FIRE SAFETY PLANNING                                                                                                                       

Begins with the history of fire and how its use and misuse have influenced humanity over the centuries. Includes the chemistry of fire, fire hazards, fire causes, and fire statistics. Introduces applicable legislation and fire codes. Discusses fire prevention activities, occupancy requirements, and construction considerations for fire safety. Introduces the role of firefighters in life safety and prevention activities. For more information contact Mary-Ann Moysiuk at 604-432-8429 or Mary-Ann_Moysiuk@bcit.ca.


Sep 06 – Nov 25                                                12 weeks                                            Distance CRN 33152


*This is a blended Distance Learning course (paper-based Course Manual and exams, with an online component in Desire2Learn or D2L). Weekly tutor support is available by email and/or phone. Internet access is required. To be successful, plan to spend 8-12 hours per week on your studies, starting Week 1. Note: The Course Manual is not included in tuition, and must be purchased directly from the BCIT Bookstore at:  http://www.bcitbookstore.ca/distance.



OCHS 4440                                                                                     bcit.ca/ochs4440                $550.51

FIRE SAFETY SYSTEMS                                                                                                         

Explores fire detection and suppression. Includes fire detection systems, portable fire extinguishers, automatic sprinkler systems, fire, smoke, and heat alarms, and fire annunciation panels. Discusses the specific detection and suppression issues of chemical, heating, and electrical hazards. Describes the firefighter’s role in prevention and suppression. Prerequisites: OCHS 4420. For more information contact Mary-Ann Moysiuk at 604-432-or Mary-Ann_Moysiuk@bcit.ca.


Sep 06 – Nov 25                                                                              12 weeks              Distance CRN 33579


*This is a blended Distance Learning course (paper-based Course Manual and exams, with an online component in Desire2Learn or D2L).  Weekly tutor support is available by email and/or phone. Internet access is required.  To be successful, plan to spend 8-12 hours per week on your studies, starting Week 1. Note: The Course Manual is not included in tuition, and must be purchased directly from the BCIT Bookstore at:   http://www.bcitbookstore.ca/distance.