About our Challenge Exams

Have you been working in the field & can study codes and standards independently?  No time to take the training? Live outside the Lower Mainland? Maybe a Challenge Exam is right for you.

ASTTBC offers Challenge Exams for each of the 9 endorsements.

Our exams are $175 plus GST and are OPEN BOOK based on the applicable NFPA/ULC/CSA Code Books pertaining to that endorsement.

You are given three hours to complete the exam and 80% is the passing mark.

Exams are written every other Thursday at the ASTTBC office -Schedule –>

2019 Challenge Exam Schedule

If you live outside the Lower Mainland we can arrange for you to write it at a location near you.

Fire Protection Challenge Exam Sample Questions

Need resources to study for the electrical exam?  Free Access here:  https://open.bccampus.ca/find-open-textbooks/?subject=Common%20Core.

Trades Access Common Core: Line E: Electrical Fundamentals

When you have completed these Learning Tasks, you should be able describe the following:

  • describe the composition of matter and the structure of the atom
  • describe the principles of electricity and the theory of current fl ow
  • describe basic types of electrical circuits and their characteristics
  • describe electromagnetism
  • describe the components of a circuit
  • identify common electrical components
  • describe solid state devices
  • identify wiring connectors
  • describe the composition of simple wiring diagrams
  • define the terms used and explain the principles of soldering
  • describe the methods for making properly soldered connections
  • maintain soldering equipment
  • use wireless connectors
  • describe the proper handling, use, and storage of electric meters
  • describe the procedures for connecting meters to measure voltage, current, and resistance
  • describe how to use meters to analyze electric circuits

Free Access here:  https://open.bccampus.ca/find-open-textbooks/?subject=Common%20Core.