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Inspection, Test and Maintenance Forms

ASTTBC has developed Inspection, test and maintenance forms for all fire protection inspection testing and maintenance. These forms meet the requirements of the BC Fire Code and the Vancouver Fire By-law. For further information contact the ASTTBC office.

Advantages of Standardized Inspection, Test and Maintenance Forms

Standardize inspection procedures
Comprehensive reporting
Raise the standard of inspection and testing
Create a level playing field for service companies
Consistent and accurate inspection, testing & maintenance
Provides the fire department with comprehensive information on the building fire protection systems


The following forms are provided for convenience only. For accurate reference, please use the fire code or municipal bylaw. The forms are available in both Adobe Acrobat (PDF), and Microsoft Word (DOC) file formats. Click the corresponding icon below to download your required form.


F00 Master - Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Building Fire Protection Systems
F01 Automatic Sprinkler Systems
F02 Standpipe and Hose Systems
F03 Water Spray Fixed Systems
F04 Water Storage Tanks
F05 Foam Water Sprinkler Systems
F06 Private Fire Service Mains
F07 Fire Pumps
F08 Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems
F09 Halogenated Agent Extinguishing Systems
F10 Fixed Wet or Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems
F11 Unit Equipment for Emergency Lighting
F12 Emergency Electrical Power Supply (Gen sets)
F13 Fire Alarm Systems
F14 Portable Fire Extinguishers
F15 Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Systems
Smoke Control Systems (note - not available on the web; please e-mail Erin Macedo @ emacedo@asttbc.org